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From A to Z

The most comprehensive program on funding for businesses. From Founder to IPO, from credit card to long term debt, from crowdfunding to crytopcurrencty. 43 lessons, actionable items, checklists, proformas, short videos, book.

Funding for Women

Changing the numbers

Funding for businesses for women. From Founder to IPO, from credit card to long term debt, from crowdfunding to crytopcurrencty. 43 lessons, actionable items, checklists, proformas, short videos, book. Plus mindset & relationships.


Seven Principles 

Learn to leverage on passion and legacy to lead high impact organizations. So the person, the organization, and the economy prosper together, not at the expense of one another. 

Unwealthy Habits

Barriers to your financial wellbeing

Discover and manage invisible habits that prevent you from feeling in charge, empowered, and happy with wealth.

Programs for Organizations

Associations, Corporations, Startups, Institutions

From Brain to Gain

Turning Innovation into Wealth

Understand and build bridges between the mindset of innovators, creators, and researchers, and business administrators in a way that wealth is created and shared.

Co-creating Innovation

Towards a new Innovation Paradigm

Create fuzzy systems of innovation, where creativity and exploration merge with conservative business practices, so new forms of wealth are created and shared.

Grow Up

Expanding the boundaries

Learn how to balance the need for efficiency and the need for creativity in a way that actions lead to learning and growth. Keep your team energized and focused.

Shifting MBA

New Paradigms in MBA Education

Refocus your MBA program to leverage on corporate and entrepreneurial best practices, and the new paradigms of the Wealthing® System.  

About Alicia Castillo Holley

Founder and lead trainer

Alicia Castillo Holley is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, angel investor, and philanthropist. Born and raised in Venezuela, she currently lives in Silicon Valley, after moving to several countries. Dr Castillo Holley has worked as a lecturer or guest speaker in over 20 institutions worldwide, and is a passionate supporter of impact investing and a new paradigm in management, which led her to develop the  Wealthing® System based on the following principles:
1. Collaborating instead of competing. 
2. Creating wealth instead of capturing it. 
3. Learning from actions, not from success. 
4. Consider life as becoming, not as being. 
5. Leveraging on passion, not skills. 
6. Making meaning, not money. 
7. Creating jobs, not finding one. 

Following these principles, individuals and organizations grow together, not at the expense of each other. This approach is healthier and more sustainable than a competitive approach to capturing more of the wealth pie. 


“Creating wealth is a much broader concept than entrepreneurship and we need to form professionals with that view.” 
Dr. Paula Sanders, Dean, Post-doctoral Studies, Rice University, USA

“[You]…completely changed the way I view my role as an academic and as a head of this institution. Attending your second seminar with a group of driven entrepreneurs helped me clarify the meaning and importance of shifting our approach to education, with the aim of increasing wealth for our country, and overcoming poverty.” 
Prof. Daniel Soto, Rector, Instituto Profesional Santo Tomas, Chile 

“If you have an idea and want to create wealth, you need to contact Alicia and follow her ideas.”  
Dr. Zuño Kristal, Kristal Consulting, Israel  

“I found your subject very interesting and have opened my mind to many interesting issues related to the academic and research field.” 
Prof. Waleed K Al-Zubari. Vice President of Academic Affairs & Editor-In-Chief, Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

“Alicia has the wisdom, business insight, and international experience crucial in building global companies.” 
—Shoieb Yunus. Product Builder | Market Maker. Silicon Valley, USA

“I came away from observing Alicia Castillo in the classroom feeling inspired and humbled….I have rarely seen an MBA classroom case discussion achieve such a perfect balance of freedom of expression and discipline of thought.
—Prof. Kelvin Willoughby, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property, Russia

“Alicia presented to my Financial Services team… provided them with tools to create positive thinking, to be more confident and to enjoy what they are doing and in life in general. I would highly recommend Alicia’s motivational talk....” 
—Sandy Harvey, Senior Manager Financial Services, RAC, Australia 

“Alicia helped us reinvent the Access Nova Business Incubator… She is fantastic at developing creative strategies for innovations.”
—Alex Visic, CEO, Access Nova Business Incubator, Chile

Alicia's book, The Ten UnWealthy Habits, is a must read for anyone who wants to rid themselves of those unseen blocks to wealth and prosperity. 
—Suzanne Deliscar, Lawyer-Linguist, Canada 

“From the start [Alicia] listened carefully about my project of creating a Center for Entrepreneurship. She always gave me advice that improved my plan and my objectives. Her experience and passion are invaluable.”  
—Carlos Gurméndez, Entrepreneur, Financial Director, Cisitalia Group, Uruguay
“Alicia has the highest integrity and a global approach…”
—Stephanie Philp, Director, MetaMorphosis Ltd., New Zealand

“If ultra-positive, creative, effective, and expert guidance is your quest, then Alicia will provide Wealth-ing, in more ways than one!” 
—Enrique Madenfrost, Entrepreneur, San Francisco, USA

“[Alicia] is always open for new innovative solutions and open for different approaches…We came up with great results.” 
—Goran Paunovic, Creative Director/Principal, ArtVersion Interactive Agency, Chicago, USA

”Alicia's sites and mail [lists] are a constant source of inspiration, both for the professional and the human being.” 
—Robby Ralston. Owner, Robby Ralston Consultoría Creativa, Peru 

“…Alicia Castillo worked with my company BioSonics, Inc. to develop a business plan for our Aquaculture Feeding Monitor product…and her vast experience in the business practices of both countries [Chile and USA] was invaluable in the creation of the business plan.” 
—Tim Acker, CEO, Biosonics. Seattle, USA

"I first met Alicia in 1983 and have followed her throughout the decades in various countries. She is…unique…, endowed with outstanding intelligence, originality, a great ability to communicate…excellent intuition…” 
—Juan Modolell, Researcher, Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa, Spain
“I didn't know what to expect but I'm glad it was not just a motivational "get happy" type of class but more of a real time class." 
—Franco, USA (Student who attended a lecture) 

“You did an excellent job helping each of us get pointed in the right direction for our future endeavors. Thank you!” 
—William, USA (Student who attended a lecture)

“Alicia Castillo is a fantastic speaker in wealth creation...I have seen her explain very complex concepts such as Venture Capital and drive the audience from the investor to the investee perspective with ease, fun, and elegance…She provides a rare to find combination of creativity, analysis and sound financial knowledge.” 
—Alberto Libedinsky, CEO International Links, LTD., Chile

"Dear Alicia…thanks to your course I've started a great consulting opportunity…My dreams are becoming real and I can't ever thank you for making me think about my fit."
—Carlos Pichardo, Entrepreneur, Dominican Republic

"Alicia’s virtual courses are excelent …”
—Carlos Castello, CEO, Castello & Associates, Argentina 

“Thanks for talking to our members, we wanted more! You are an awesome and refreshing source of knowledge, and your enthusiasm is contagious. We look forward to our next workshop.”
—Mariela Beuses, Leader, SP-coaches, USA

“You do bring a sense of the achievable to the world of entrepreneurship. Anyone interested in starting and developing a global business should seek you out.”
—Tracey Hodgkins, CEO, Australian Experiential Learning Centre, Australia 

“Your model of creating wealth and markets is fascinating. I knew there had to be an alternative to Schumpeter’s creative destructionism, but I didn’t know how to frame it. Thanks for an amazing conference.” 
—Dr. Luis Miguel Beristain, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico 

“Your enthusiasm, demonstrated expertise in the area of entrepreneurship and growing wealth, and your capacity to engage with the audience will have a lasting impact on all who had the opportunity to meet with you.”
—Dr. Des Rice. Director, Learning Resource Center, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. Saudi Arabia 

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. We particularly enjoyed the practical tips and reflections. We look forward to your future seminars.”
—Giancarlo Ibargen. Rector, Universidad Francisco Marroqui. Guatemala
“Not only we value your spirit and motivation, but your knowledge in entrepreneurship and funding and the refreshing perspective was very valuable for me and for the students.”
—Enio Pinto, Program Manager, Institute for Latin American Business Studies, Babson College, USA

“These thoughts are a must read for anyone interested in economic development and prosperity, anchored on the individual.” 
—Dino Linares, Colectivo Integral de Desarrollo, Peru 

“Excellent presentation on creating high-impact businesses, and managing the financial crisis. Our CEOs were delighted with the experience. Thanks for making this a remarkable event.”
—Carola Rivano, Event Coordinator, Induexpo, Guatemala 

“You can explain Venture Capital and Angel Investing like no other. We received many compliments about [your workshop’s] … structure, format, delivery, and most importantly, your connection with the audience.” 
—Marcelo Rabba, Circulo, Chile